5 Reasons Books Won’t Go Totally Digital (Yet)

I’m not here to argue that books will never go completely digital, I think that’s inevitable. But a lot of people I speak to seem to be of the opinion that books are already on the way out and everyone is already reading on their ipads!

We’re not up to that yet!

A lot of customers at the bookshop where I work think that books aren’t selling any more because a couple of well known book stores recently closed down at about the same time. I don’t know if that was just bad luck or what but the one I work at is doing great! So this isn’t an argument for whether or not books will go digital eventually (they will) but rather; the reasons people say they still prefer physical books (at this point in time).

1. Reading a Book is Intimate?

Ok, I’m not sure exactly what this means but someone I know says it all the time. She could never tumblr_m7ezvrTJEA1rxbaego1_400read on a kindle because reading books is intimate to her. I figure, if that’s her reason for sticking to paperback so defiantly, then I should include it in my list!

So reading is a personal experience, yes. It’s not something that can be done in a team (comfortably, anyway) and that is what a lot of people enjoy about it. It’s a private form of entertainment, with just you and the book.

That being said, I’m not sure why a kindle can’t be called intimate, unless it’s for one of the next two reasons…

 2. A Book Feels Cooler in Your Hands

What more can I really say? Most people are used to physical books by now and like the feeling of them. I personally like the visual aspect of a real book. I like seeing how much I’ve progressed through the book in one sitting by looking how far along the bookmark is. Nerdy? Probably!

Although, digital books have a progress bar or whatever you want to call it at the bottom of the page so that’s nearly the same thing anyway.

3. That New Book Smell

579224_10151377956081309_1314448679_nYep, this is a big one for some people. Kindles don’t smell. Books smell (especially second hand ones I guess). I don’t know, I get books to take in stories, not odours. But to each their own!



4. Books Make Great Presents

I like choosing books for people that I think they will like. I might be wrong sometimes but I try. I think it’s a good gift because it’s something the person can keep all to themselves.

I guess you can still buy digital books as presents but then there’s no wrapping paper involved. Who doesn’t love unwrapping presents?

What does it all come down to really?

So anyway, those were some of the reasons I hear other people give as to why physical trumps digital. None of them seem to quite validate the argument for me because, as you’ll see, there is an argument to each one – even when the alternative doesn’t look quite as appealing (in my opinion).

So why do I think books won’t go digital soon?

5. People Enjoy Showing off Their Things


3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Books Won’t Go Totally Digital (Yet)

  1. Ruth

    It seems just about everything like books, pay phones, record players are becoming a thing of the past. However, you can still buy paper books.

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